Formulation and Evaluation of Felodipine tablets using different carriers and different methods of preparation for Enhancement of Solubility

  • Mounika Reddy lecturer
  • Sanjit Yadav Gautham College of pharmacy
  • Abhishek Pandey Gautham College of pharmacy
Keywords: Felodipine, Avicel PH 102, PVP, PEG 6000, Cross povidone, starch, lactose, dry granulation, direct compression, wet granulation



All active pharmaceutical ingredients are having good therapeutic activity and show poor oral bioavailability , because of poor solubility .The present study is to investigate to improve the solubility of felodipine using different carriers and different methods of preparation of techniques to identify that which carrier and suitable method of preparation. All formulation are evaluated for hardness, friability, drug content uniformity, and in vitro dissolution studies. Among all the formulations three formulation shows good drug release and the formulation with direct compression method shows good drug release compared to other formulation among all the formulation PVP with direct compression is considered as ideal formulation from the study.

Author Biographies

Sanjit Yadav, Gautham College of pharmacy

Gautham College of pharmacy,
Hebbal, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Abhishek Pandey, Gautham College of pharmacy

Gautham College of pharmacy
Hebbal, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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