Framework for Patient Safety

  • A. K. Mohiuddin World University of Bangladesh
Keywords: Medication, Medication Errors, Risk, Reporting, Health care professionals, Patient, Safety


Medication errors are basic all in all training and in healing facilities. The two errors in the demonstration of writing (prescription/administering/administration errors) and endorsing deficiencies because of imperfect medicinal choices can result in mischief to patients. Any progression in the endorsing procedure can ignite errors. Slips, passes, or missteps are wellsprings of errors, as in unintended oversights in the account of medications. Blames in portion determination, discarded transcription, and poor handwriting are normal. Lacking mindfulness or ability and deficient data about clinical qualities and past treatment of individual patients can bring about endorsing issues, including the utilization of possibly mistaken medications. A perilous workplace, intricate or indistinct techniques, and deficient correspondence among human services staff, especially among specialists and medical attendants, have been distinguished as huge basic factors that add to prescription errors and endorsing issues. Dynamic intercessions went for diminishing prescription and endorsing issues are emphatically prescribed. This ought to be committed on the instruction and preparing of prescribers and the utilization of on-line helps. The unpredictability of the endorsing methodology ought to be decreased by presenting mechanized frameworks or uniform recommending diagrams, so as to abstain from account and exclusion errors. Input control frameworks and quick audit of prescriptions, which can be performed with the help of a healing center drug specialist, are additionally useful. Reviews ought to be performed occasionally.

Author Biography

A. K. Mohiuddin, World University of Bangladesh

Faculty of Pharmacy,
World University of Bangladesh Dhanmondi,
Dhaka, Bangladesh


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