Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Its Care - A Review

  • Anjani Srivarsha Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • D Sai Teja Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • M Nagavamsidhar Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • ZL Qadrie Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Keywords: OCD, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Tic disorder, Down syndrome, One-track mind, Fixation


Actually 14 to 16th century in Europe some people have experienced that sexual or other thoughts were by devil then the journey start. 1910, Sigmund Freud said that obsessions and compulsive behaviours are symptoms of OCD. Obsessive compulsory disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder. Obsessive compulsive disorder causes the brain stuck on a particular thought or urge. Actually these patients are having a obsessive thoughts means they always occurring of images, several thoughts or pictures over and over in the mind. These thoughts or rituals can triggered more anxiety. These OCD patients can find out by the facts like washing, cleaning, checking and repeating. The American psychiatric association said that the females are more affected then the men. The OCD is a common , chronic (long lasting disorder) the people with OCD can feel the temporary relief from the anxiety if the person can untreated then they cause the more stress and the effects seen on the work, school and lead to serious effects on personal relationships. Actually obsessive compulsive disorder is a brain injury , it involves basal ganglion (Eg: encephalitis or trauma) usually there is no neurologic precipitant. The evidence suggesting a selective and potent serotonin(5-HT) reuptake blocker drugs are successful treatment in biological basis of OCD. The drugs with the other mechanism of action have not been effective more. The neurotransmitter plays an important role in pathophysiology of obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Anjani Srivarsha, Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy Practice,
Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Suryapet, Hyderabad, Telangana

D Sai Teja, Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy Practice,
Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Suryapet, Hyderabad, Telangana

M Nagavamsidhar, Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy Practice,
Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Suryapet, Hyderabad, Telangana

ZL Qadrie, Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy Practice,
Pratishta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Suryapet, Hyderabad, Telangana


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