Advertisement Policy

PharmaTutor Journal Watch accepts advertising and sponsorship for its website and related e-mail services (e-mail alerts) according to the following principles:

Advertising is separate from content. Advertisers and sponsors have no advance knowledge of our editorial content, nor do the editors have advance knowledge of advertisers. Content is never altered, added, or deleted to accommodate advertising. Advertisers and sponsors have no input regarding any of our editorial decisions or advertising policies. The advertising sales representatives have neither control over, nor prior knowledge of, specific editorial content before it is published.
PharmaTutor journal have external pages, which display in content advertisement.
PharmaTutor Journal Watch reserves the right to decline or cancel any advertisement at any time.
Advertising must be factual and in good taste in the judgment of the MMS. Please note: Readers who click on an advertising banner or other advertising link may connect to a site different from PharmaTutor Journal Watch Journal Watch to view additional information. Such sites may also ask visitors for additional data. PharmaTutor Journal Watch does not participate in, nor control such sites.
Third-party advertisements on PharmaTutor Journal Watch or the e-mail alerts may not include any Massachusetts Medical Society or PharmaTutor Journal Watch publication name, logo, or title.
Advertised products must be compliant with the regulations in the country where the advertisement will be seen. Advertisements for pharmaceutical products (including new drug applications) that are subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration oversight must comply with FDA regulations regarding advertising and promotion.
Users will be able to distinguish advertising and editorial content clearly on the website and in e-mail alerts.
PharmaTutor Journal Watch does not endorse any company, product, or service appearing in its advertising.
Advertisers and sponsors have no control or influence over the results of searches a user may conduct on PharmaTutor Journal Watch. Search results are based solely on the functionality available through our search software (e.g., keywords or natural language) and user-defined criteria (e.g., displaying most recent or most relevant items first).
Updates to our Internet advertising policy will be posted to this website.