Niosomes as Novel Drug Delivery System: Review Article

  • Devender Sharma Hi-Tech College of pharmacy
  • Aashiya Aara E. Ali Kamla Nehru College of pharmacy
  • Jayshree R. Aate Hi-Tech College of pharmacy
Keywords: Niosomes, Compositions, Methods of Preparation, Encapsulation, Surfactants, Vesicles and Applications


Niosome are non-ionic surfactant vesicles obtained by hydrating mixture of cholesterol and nonionic surfactants. It can be used as carriers of amphiphilic and lipophilic drug. In niosomes drug delivery system, the medication is encapsulated in a vesicle. Niosomes are biodegradable, biocompatible non-immunogenic and exhibit flexibility in their structural characterization. The main object of this review the application of niosome technology is used to treat a number of diseases, niosome have good opportunity in research and beneficial for researcher and pharma industries.  Niosome appears to be a well preferred drug delivery system over liposome as niosome being stable and economic. Also niosomes have great drug delivery potential for targeted delivery of anti-cancer, anti-infective agents. Drug delivery potential of niosome can enhances by using novel drug delivery concepts like proniosomes, discomes and aspasome. Niosomes also serve better aid in diagnostic imaging and as a vaccine adjuvant. Thus these areas need further exploration and research so as to bring out or to make for commercially available niosomal preparation.

Author Biographies

Devender Sharma, Hi-Tech College of pharmacy

Hi-Tech College of pharmacy,
Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India

Aashiya Aara E. Ali, Kamla Nehru College of pharmacy

Kamla Nehru College of pharmacy,
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Jayshree R. Aate, Hi-Tech College of pharmacy

Hi-Tech College of pharmacy,
Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India


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